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off to new england 14 july 2023

when travelling australia in the middle of winter it seems like a good idea to go north as quickly as you can! so, with bronte as a starting point crossing the harbour bridge indicates you’re going the right direction….­čĄú­čĹő­čĆ┐­č玭čç║ we got onto the young families‘ farm the backway… part of the adventure…. the kids were […]

sydney 12 july 2023

sydney……. what does one say?…… we have been here numerous times, before and after we had the kids.perhaps the easiest way of describing this city is by taking a few ferries….cause no matter how or what….. it all comes back to these two iconic structures!voila…..

dead horse gap – 7 july 2023

Today we took the alpine way from the snowy valleys to the Monaro. Starting in Tumbarumba we tackled the 1100m climb up to dead horse gap. here, at an elevation of 1580m we had our southern hemisphere winter: condensed to a mere 30 minutes we had snow fall, wind and fog. a few fotos and […]

> the family < 2 july 2023

next day we called in at courabyra wines, where i had installed my contribution to the snowy valleys sculpture trail earlier this year. sandra liked them…..  ….i was pleased…. ……and mora used them for some stunts…..:-)

winter – 1 july 2023

it’s winter in the southern hemisphere. days are short and it’s cool over night. but hey, have we ever seen a sky like that? snow cover on the peaks of the snowy mountains on the horizon.┬á the kids take our travelling sculpture for a walk. the next day we crossed the brindabellas to adelong. kids […]


finally…! after all these preparations…. TOUCHDOWN in sydney!  we left vienna on june 20 and arrived in Australia on the 22nd… so we managed to spend the summer solstice in a plane, Taipeh airport or another plane. botany bay doesn’t look too bad considering it’s the middle of winter. staying close to the coast means […]

we make off

familie buisman mit ihrem gespann im australischen busch

Leo would suggest we make off for the German saying Wir machen uns aus dem Staub! however directly translated you would say we make ourselves out of the dust! there you go…. we’ve got a fitting image for that!

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