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finally…! after all these preparations…. TOUCHDOWN in sydney

we left vienna on june 20 and arrived in Australia on the 22nd… so we managed to spend the summer solstice in a plane, Taipeh airport or another plane.

botany bay doesn’t look too bad considering it’s the middle of winter. staying close to the coast means you check out the beach first. so we did. five people and….

…. a little basalt sculpture! 

the days are short, the sun is low, but hey the water doesn’t seem to be too cold. sure enough, the next day they came back with their swimmers. the boys insisted on it!

a couple of days later we headed south. stopping in Tuross head we found another beach….it was a bit chillier than in sydney, and the surf was bigger. so we decided to climb the cliffs…..

looks very peaceful now. but this is a wild coast it seems… 

next morning we were checking out the fresh kangaroo tracks on the banks of the tuross river…. must have been a big fella!

next stop: Canberra… the bush capital! this is the 9 ton „adelong norite“ specimen showcased at the national rock garden of australia. a couple of years ago it was a big effort to bring it to it’s present location. norite is one of my favourites for my sculpture. 

kids……and little basalt saying hello!

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