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…..we are travelling western australia since early september… and still going, would you believe it!?

it’s all about colours… the windmill, an australian icon! upper gascoyne, w.a.

you barely find them at the east coast these days….

…..big distances, a lot of different roads, and pretty hot too…. time to contemplate…

so, by all means, red would definitely be a western australian colour…  

…. however… white! who would have thought so! ….

it’s not snow…. they have the whitest beaches in the world…. 

mora up side down in lucky bay beach, cape le grand national park

and…. let’s face it: don’t we all dream of a white christmas?!

but there is more… yellows!…. pinnacle desert, nambung national park…. after a storm

okay…. okay…. it’s not a natural feature, but a: makes a brilliant contrast, and b: western australia is mining, and the other way round.

this bucket weighs 68 ton, the kids love it!

super pit, kalgoorlie w.a.

and we still had time to find the odd rock and polish it 🙂

„found and made in western australia“

the big brothers of these shiny sculptures >the dampier couple< can be seen in sculpture by the sea at cottesloe beach 1 – 18 march 2024

hope to see you around!

thanks to fellow artist paul caporn and his brilliant family for their hospitality and support 

also a big thanks to martin soklich, chrystal warehouse for hosting me whilst working the boulders at his premises 

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