egg eleven

As friendly as the descendants of the Roc are behaving towards people as anxiously they guard their eggs from human presence. Only one egg came close to human influence without experiencing harm. It was found in Canada, at the boundary of water and a huge timber yard. It had been placed carefully on top of a caterpillar's chain that, on weekdays, bundles up tree trunks like matches. But on Sundays there is peace and quiet, retreat into deepness and wideness and therefore a possible place for a basalt egg. The one, who has left this rare object in this very place, must have known about the boundary between different times. Here people are not always present; here there are still recesses possible without them. For the few indigenous dwellers guarding the weekends are part of this land, like the trees and the cut logs. Thus, the egg can rest unscathed within this time window being enclosed protectively and therefore, retaining its sharp contours.

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