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as sandra and i are getting ready to travel to australia for another summer, we are contemplating…….

​with our newsletter we try hard to transport a ​humanistic ​positive message, so ​we think ​this one ​has to address the topic that has been

moving us and our friends for most of 2015…….

​it’s​ been an extraordinary year in many ways….
my art has been well received……the kids are happy and healthy​, we really had a brilliant ​time​.

yet we cannot overlook witnessing a couple of hundred thousand refugees moving through austria and europe

100,000 people in austria in one year alone, and 1 million in germany

and of course we can do this as angela merkel says​      

​……​we were ​born in austria by coincidence​, and are grateful for not having to carry our kids on our shoulders walking on motorways​ in foreign countries​……

​we’ll be in the snowy mountains early january, victoria late january, ​doing comissions in ​new england in february, back on the

mornington peninsula​/victoria​ for the​ ​montalto sculpture prize end february, finally near wollongong​/new south wales​ in march​,

returning to europe end march​.

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