late summer

.......and woho.....summer's nearly over before it really started!!.....
st.gilgen 1
sign_397 / 2016 /adelong norite / 900kg / seepark st. gilgen
..... all though, looking out of my office window, it seems like it tries hard again .....
st.gilgen 2
"visitor and host" seepark st. gilgen 2016
..... well then: bring on those last hot summer days! ..... swimming?
st.gilgen 3


sign_208 / 2009 / gehartser granit and sign_230 / 2009 / adelong norite, "visitor and host" lake st. wolfgang forshore, 2016

or at least a bit of boating .....


st.gilgen 4

sign_111 / 2007 / basalt/bondo/australia and sign_196 / 2009 / basalt/pauliberg/bgld, "visitor and host" lake st. wolfgang forshore, 2016

or hiking .....?

st.gilgen 5

sign_248 / 2011 / basalt/bondo/australia / 2000 kg, "visitor and host" lake st. wolfgang forshore, 2016

anyway..... i have to leave for australia at the end of september, hope to see you around.....

st.gilgen 6

steyr tractor / 1956 at the studio farm süssenbach, 2016

stay stuned for details.....

st.gilgen 7 

the pocket caravan / 1984 in süssenbach, 2016

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